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We are a company focused on offering innovating and effective  solutions for sales using primarily Online and Offline Marketing.

Casual Meeting

Our Services


Postpaid Marketing

We have a Postpaid Marketing model in which we deliver results and only pay once you get them.


All Connected

Under the implementation of strategies in promotions or logalty programs, we offer tailored solutions with unlimited Calls and WhatsApp even without having cellular airtime/balance or WiFi.


Emergency Button

We create Marketing strategies offering the only emergency button on the market that works even without cellular airtime/balance or WiFi.

Postpaid Marketing

We are the sales arm that your team was searching for, you don't need to invest in digital strategies, we take care of it for you, and you compensate us based on the results obtained.

Your company has to invest in:

  • Talen (employees)

  • Pay commissions and bonuses

  • Training and Development

  • Tools and Technology 

  • Marketing materials

  • Travel and related expenses

  • Customer Acquisition Costs

  • Administrative expenses

  • Benefits and Insurance

  • Management and Supervision Expenses


Traditional Model

With no initial investment, we take care of that for you, and you compensate us based on the results obtained.


Isn't this exactly what you've been looking for?

Our Model


All Connected: Personalized Solutions

We create tailored strategies so that your employees, clients and/or users have access to Calls and WhatsApp for free even without Cellular airtime/balance or WiFi.

Create loyalty from employees, clients and/or users.

Customizable audio spot in each call.

Look and feel of the App customizable with the client's brand.

Delivery of reports with geolocation.

The validity of the service or promotion can be configured by minutes, hours, days, months or even years.

Discover how to boost your business by improving your relationship with your employees, clients and users by improving their experience with our All Connected Service.


By acquiring codes your employees, clients and/or users will have access to the only Emergency Button on the market that works from cell phones even WITHOUT AIRTIME/BALANCE or WiFi.

There is no App in the world that works under this characteristics.

Emergency attention 365 days a year via telephone call from the Command Center.

Geo-located alert to 5 emergency contacts.

Unlimited Phone calls and WhatsApp during emergencies even without having cellular airtime/balance or WiFi.

Coordination with public security until closure of security event or medical emergency.

Personalized emergency protocol.

With Zafe Alert stay aware of events that may represent risks to your security.

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